Text: Ruth 3

Warning: This series of posts is only for mature, bone-cracking, Kingdom citizens.

The Chapter of Ruth, above, relates the encounter between Ruth and Boaz at the Threshing Floor.

T. R. Noble does a beautiful summary of the Book of Ruth in Love Story of Devotion and Redemption.


1. For every kingdom law, there are exemptions.

2. For every law there are some exempted people. Enoch and Elijah did not die.

3. When God sees a very determined person, He operates the law of Prerogative of mercy. Rahab’s section of the Wall of Jericho did not collapse, when she maximized a moment. And if your mind can handle it, God did not hold any sin against Tamar, even though I do not recommend her actions.

4. You cannot cage and predict God to act in a particular way; He is sovereign.

5. Exceptional situations sometimes require exceptional actions.

6. It was Ruth that proposed marriage to Boaz with the approval of Naomi. Why? Leave that until we reach heaven.

Field at Sunset

Prayers and Prophecies

1. God will wake the Boaz that is meant to help you from slumber. Your delay is over. Remember from the passage above that he was tired and drunk.

2. Your proposal will break protocol without causing offence; and it will be granted to you.

3. An urgency will enter the mind of your helper. He/she will not rest until your case is handled.

4. There was a man not good enough for Ruth’s destiny that was bypassed so that Boaz, who is not next (according to law), could marry her.

I prophesy that anything, any person, or any office not good enough for you will avoid you as you avoid them in Jesus name, amen.

I have not had my things the normal way in life; they have been exceptional.

I’m exceptional because I accepted an exceptional Saviour. My wife is of AS genotype and I am AS, too; but we have four children and no sicklers.

God Bless You.


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