In the continuing series on Law of Exemption and Exception, we look at the exceptional life of Abram.

Text: Genesis 13-15

Lessons of Life

1. Abram lived a life of obedience to God

2. He was physically and mentally separated from his people, who were idolatrous.

3. He rejected the gifts of the King of Sodom.

4. He exercised faith in God.


Separation is a divine call for all believers—separation from the system of this world even though we live among them and do business with them. We must separate ourselves from the people and places that will not glorify God. We must stand out in our work places and ministries as people of integrity. We must do our businesses with distinction and integrity. People should be able to trust us. Learning to separate yourself from the crowd gets you, through, to the crown.

The truth of the matter is that there are more good people in Nigeria than out-rightly evil people.

You must, very early in life, realize that if you have excellent skills and services, special education, or provide solutions to problems etc., you can set your standards and people will have to respect your faith. As a young medical director of a 40-bed hospital at 27 years, I told my boss I would not do abortions and he respected my decision.

2014 saw me preach in a Governor’s house; when the wife of the Governor gave me money, I returned the money she gave to me even though I was broke then.

No matter how long a lion lives among dogs it would not eat human excrement.

Some parents refuse to register their children in our school for the Senior School Certificate Examinations (SSCE) because they know we will not do exam malpractice. That does not bother me; I have a name to defend and protect as a pastor and someone that respects education. We get to reject a lot of students who are not fit for the applied classes during admission, even when the parents are eager to pay. We might not grow rapidly but we will grow steadily and we will get there.

Be a unique Nigerian the remainder of the Year.

Noah was exceptional in his generation and was exempted from the flood.

As you obey God disaster will be far from you

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God Bless You.


  1. Thank you sir. This is wonderful article.
    Psalm 1:1-3
    There are 3 person that matter a lot in someone’s life.
    People you walk with
    People you stand with
    And people you sit with
    If everyone should come together in one accord to settle for the true of the gospel.
    John 8:32

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