In the continuing series on Law of Exemption and Exception, we look at the changing dynamics Isaac had to face, and adapt to, to succeed.

    Text: Genesis 26:6-17

    Lessons of life

    1. You can’t step into the same river twice.

    By the time you step in again the dynamics have changed; the ”waters” you stepped into would have moved on. Every new day brings new opportunities and opposition.

    In the passage above, it was after God gave Isaac a comprehensive insurance that he invested. He had been planting in that land but famine had changed the dynamics.

    Always make sure you hear from God before you go into any venture. Even when you hear from God, sometimes, you have to do proper consultations and analysis before you make any investments or commitments.

    I carry more 200 students every day with buses. Sometime ago, gasoline was 87 Naira per liter. It is now 143/145 Naira per liter. The waters have changed.

    I was able to pay Naira into my children’s ATM accounts for them to withdraw money for their upkeep abroad. The economic situation has placed new restrictions.

    2. Even though God gave Isaac the divine insurance and assurance against molestation there was an exception.

    There is no immunity against jealousy. Abimelech’s assurance against molestation did not cover jealousy. Exceptional grace attracts exceptional jealousy. Be careful especially when there is so much lack around you (in your success).

    3. They told Isaac to move away from them and he did.

    a. Select your battles.

    You don’t fight every fight.

    Don’t get into a fight you have no chance of winning or that will consume a lot of resources and energy without any tangible results.


    b. Always have an exit plan.

    Isaac moved away from hostilities, but he had plans to dig new wells. He did not determine his next move instantaneously. He had planned ahead just in case.

    As a pastor, what if your church sacks you after 20 years of service? A bank, a few years ago, sacked 700 workers in a month; how many of them had a plan B?

    A rat that has only one hole is very unsafe. It must have an exit plan.

    3. Isaac still became richer than his enemies who told him to move on.

    Men of exceptional grace don’t fight over church offices and positions. Exceptionally rich people don’t fight over family land. Abraham told Lot to go to the left and he will go to the right.

    If you must do well, avoid church politics and family disputes.

    Select your fights. Some are not worth it.

    God bless you richly.

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