Text: Genesis 41:1-14; Genesis 30:25-30

    Lessons of life

    1. This world is ruled by ideas as people often say. True as that may be, the reality is that this world is governed by ideas that will generate outstanding, generationally-relevant results. Ideas are as common as people. Results proceeded from ideas rule the world.

    2. Outstanding and indisputable results lead to commendation.

    Jacob’s results in Laban’s life were so outstanding that even Satan spoke to Laban through divination that Jacob’s results were divinely engineered.

    3. If you serve well and produce outstanding results, then recommendations and introductions follow. This is where the momentum for greatness is generated and must be maintained.


    4. Every little service you render has, embedded in it, two voices—commendation or condemnation—and it could go either way depending on the manner in which the service is rendered.

    Joseph interpreted a prisoners dream who later recommended him to the palace.

    Most of the big invitations I’ve received to give speeches was as a result of a series of recommendations of previous services I rendered dutifully and outstandingly.

    5. It is easier for a client who is satisfied by your service to attract more customers to you than the most expensive adverts with ineffective services.

    We have seen that in the running of our school. For many years since the inception of the school, we never ran any adverts even when people advised that was the only way to grow the school. We focused on rendering our services to the best of our abilities and those who patronized our services did the advertising for us, which was more effective.


    6. Value for anything or service is measured by the effectiveness in producing expected results. The more satisfactory your services are, the more honour and wealth you get.

    7. Any society that has no regard for results, efficiency, effectiveness, competence, and productivity and has no scale for measuring performance will remain perpetually underdeveloped.

    Companies like MicrosoftApple, Samsung, etc. are always bringing out new products or improving on the previous ones. Nokia and BlackBerry were gradually pushed to the sidelines because they could not keep up with the rapid pace with which their competitors were servicing the appetites of their customers.

    Service Crossword Concept

    Be patient serve well where you are now and serve dutifully and passionately; your season of recommendation is here.