Serving With Integrity

    The pictures below are that of Julius Kambarage Nyerere, former president of Tanzania, a man of integrity, patriotism, and prudence such that Time Magazine featured him on their cover page—a rare honour.


    Text: Genesis 39:1-6, Genesis 39:21-23

    Lessons of life

    1.  It is true that I wrote in a post about service unto commendation and recommendations that results rule the world. However, if results are like a building, then integrity represents the foundation and the pillars that determine the durability, stability, and the height of the building.

    2. Talents, skills, anointing, and even results can take you to the top, but integrity will keep you there.

    3. Trust is the thrust that can propel you to great heights when you come in contact with those who can help you.

    4. People usually say that the end justifies the means, but I say that the means not only justifies the end, but dignifies it.

    5. The church has so degenerated to a point that we celebrate even criminals during our Thanksgiving services just because we want money.

    You can hardly trust young pastors these days with women.

    I told my drivers yesterday that for more 31 years I have been married at 26 years of age and I started working with women very early: nurses, doctors, teachers, and church workers; I have never wooed another woman, not to talk of ”tasting” another woman as a married man. One in particular was shocked.

    No pastor in the whole of Nigeria can say I defrauded him or his members.

    We can be like Samuel–Samuel 12:1-6.

    6. A nation where the leaders are kleptomaniacs can never develop.

    Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, takes public transport in London. Joe Biden was going to work with train as a US Senator. Our leaders dare not try that. One, a former governor, was stoned with packets of sachet water in a ceremony, recently, by his own tribesmen.

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