The picture below is that of former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter.

151110164218-jimmy-carter-aug-20-exlarge-169Text: Philippians 2:3-9

Jimmy Carter was a Sunday School teacher before he contested for the Presidency of the U.S. as a Sunday School teacher. The next Sunday he came to still teach his Sunday School class. Remember the most powerful man on Earth as a Sunday school teacher.

In August, 2015, when he was 90 years,  he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He still went back to teach his class that he has been teaching before he became President. A few months later in December, 2015, he was healed of the brain cancer. Imagine a 90-year-old Sunday school teacher. He is currently 93 years old. He was in Nigeria to eradicate Guinea Worm from Abakaliki area, Ebonyi State, many years ago. He became the oldest president to attend a presidential inauguration on January 20, 2017, at an age of 92 years.

Benefits of humility

1. God finds it easier to partner with you. Pride reminds him of Lucifer.

2. Humility attracts people to you because it is magnetic. People naturally detest proud people.

3. The more people value your services, the more you get commendation and recommendations. You eventually build a network and your network determines your net worth.

4. Proud people find it difficult to take corrections and learn from others so it makes it quite difficult for them to upgrade their skills and services.

I went to do a Master’s Degree after 30 years of being a medical doctor. Some of the professors were my schoolmates. I humbled myself and learnt from them. I made the best result in the class.

5. Humility will help you live a simple and prudent life, and with time, you build a fortune. Proud people are usually very extravagant.

Some of the richest people are very simple – Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, etc.

Most of what we call ‘packaging‘ today is over-decoration of emptiness.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the first female Minister of Finance in Nigeria, usually wears simple clothes.

6. Pride attracts enemies and jealously. A proud person usually attracts trouble for himself/herself and those around them.


7. Proud people can’t outperform expectations of their clients because they boast beyond their capacities.


Dissimulation, most times, is a great attitude to cultivate.

Remember, your attitude, to a very large extent, determines your altitude.

Can God trust you with success?

God bless you.


  1. Many of our so call men of God needs to read this and our politicians ,even the citizens.humility pays.

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