Speaking on President Buhari’s decision to run for Second Term on DRTV, earlier this month.



    There is hardly a sudden flight to EXCELLENCE and greatness. You must first prepare yourself before God will prepare a platform for you. You must manufacture yourself before you market yourself. The presenter wondered how a medical doctor could speak on various subjects that range from Glasnost to Boko Haram.

    For the Lord to prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies, you must have a good appetite to eat the food and prove that you can eat in the presence of the enemy.

    I had a voracious appetite for knowledge right from childhood. I read anything and everything I could set my eyes on. As at 1968, at the age of 9 years, I was already following the news on radio and was able to read newspapers. I paid attention to the history unfolding before me. I remember telling my mother that what was happening, then, would one day become known as “in those days”.

    In secondary school, I read History, Geography, Metalwork, Woodwork, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Literature. I dropped history, woodwork, and metal work. But I had A’s in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Economics. I was buying old Time and Newsweek magazines to read even as a medical doctor.

    I knew my library was more important than my wardrobe.  In fact, everything I wore to that studio was not worth more than 15,000 Naira. But at the end, they were taking pictures with me. I debated for my hall in medical school and we won the inter-hall debate trophy. I scavenge for knowledge and information on a daily basis.

    There are some graces you don’t tap into; you work into them.

    I have learnt how to speak over the years from debates, clinical presentations, Sunday School teachings, fellowship leaderships, etc. I thank God for His grace, but I don’t take things for granted. Once I knew I was going to retire from medical practice at 40, I decided to build myself as public speaker early. Today I get several invitations to speak.

    Recently I was paid 150,000 Naira by a company to speak for 30 minutes. My hotel accommodation was about 89,900 Naira, a night, and another 40,000 Naira for my CDs of the message. I left a hall with about 500,000 Naira after speaking for 45 minutes. However, it was not so in the beginning. I also delivered a 30-minute talk for 200,000 Naira.

    When Cristiano Ronaldo, of Real Madrid, scored a very stylish goal recently in the UEFA Champions League Competition, very few people knew that he goes through a lot of practice and that he went to a football Academy and has been playing football since the age of 10 years. In a review of the game, some soccer pundits attested to the fact that he even scored a goal of the same style the previous training they had before the game.

    Very few people know that Micheal Phelps swims 8 hours everyday, and that Roy McRoy  has been playing golf since age 6. Few people realize that Serena Williams, who was No. 1 in the world for a long spell, started playing tennis at 3 years, while her sister, Venus, started at 7 years or less.

    You don’t tap into all graces; you must work into some.


    Keep up the good work, work on yourself and work on your work and you will walk into the right grace and the platform that befits you.

    I feel a big deal just around the corner; I will soon touch it and you shall celebrate with me in Jesus’ Name. Amen

    God Bless You.


    1. I love this.

      I wish many more men of God will start blogging like you are doing.

      I have tried talking to some but they don’t wish to. At a time, I even volunteered to set it up for them but I discovered that they had absolutely no interest in it.

      Indeed, not all graces can be tapped. A good example is this blog I’m reading. Some men of God want to have multiple streams of income but they aren’t ready to do what you are doing but would prefer to tap.

      This is a big lesson for me.


    2. This is a good blog for youth who wants to cut corners to greatness. Thank you. You are a great mentor. May God help us to learn in this generation.

      Pastor Kingsley

      1. Great works you are doing, I am extremely happy the way you always compertmentalize spirituality and reality of responsibility. I have been trying to book a visit to farm fellowship, but anytime I am around I don’t know why call does not go through . Permit me to say that you are such a motiva- inspirational speakers. I will meet you soonest . God will increase you wisdom.

    3. There is no doubt, you are different both in your teachings and practical life application of knowledge.

      You have developed an uncommon approach and a very rare understanding on the issue of “grace”. You have also made us to understand that grace is not attain by accident otherwise it will be abused.

      “Grace places a demand of higher responsibility and the irresponsible will not be able to manage grace even if they have one to tap into”.

      God will continue to bless you for us.

    4. ” you don’t tap into all graces, you work in some” So true. Your word Sir are so motivating. More grace Sir, to inspire our generation.

    5. This is the bitter truth,the future Begin’s now… And it is for those who are readily prepared to seize the opportunity it presents before us on a daily basis. We don’t wish our way to Greatness but rather consciously work our ways into it.

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