Lessons from the Prodigal Son – The 6 P’s of Wealth

In the first post on the Prodigal Son, we looked at how he broke the protective covering of family unity and how his actions depicted impatience and desperation. Text: Luke 15:13 The prodigal son was given money but he was not wealthy. The sudden possession of money was in objection to the law I call […]

Lessons From The Prodigal Son – Family Unity

We are all familiar with the story of the prodigal son. In these series of posts, I’d be looking at some peculiar lessons we can glean from his experiences. Main Text: Luke 15:11-13 Genesis 13:1-3, 34:1-2, 38:1-30 LESSON 1:  He broke family unit and unity One of the potent tricks of the devil is to […]

Shut That Voice Up – Walk Away From The Past

Confucius said, “Study the past if you would define the future“. Many of us, though, get stuck while studying our pasts; we end up, invariably, using past experiences as yardsticks for future experiences. I grew up with many inadequacies in life. 1. As you must have known, my father was a refuse collector. 2. My […]

Secrets of Enduring Marriages – Appearances Can Be Deceptive

When you see pictures and hear testimonies from people like us, the tendency is to feel that our marriage is an ideal or a flawless relationship. That is very far from the truth. Every one of us has our own challenges. The first 8 years were not easy (and it’s definitely not a ride in […]

Living in Dominion

Power is the ability to achieve a task or a set objective. Authority is a claim to legitimacy, justification, privilege, and right to exercise power. Dominion is the ability and willingness to exercise power and authority over people and a territory. Many Christians are very naive when it comes to the issues of power, authority, […]

God Has Been Faithful

God has been so good. We started with 5 pupils (my youngest child, inclusive) in a rented accommodation. Here we are. When I was eating soaked garri without sugar for breakfast and my household used to buy kerosene on credit until I come back from my preaching engagements, God was seeing today. One day, I […]

Building Enduring Family Businesses – Sustainability

In the first post, we looked at the importance of family businesses and how they are built. Sustainability In Family Businesses Most family businesses that have endured started small, so husbands and wives that have the mindset of leaving a business legacy behind can start one. However, they must have core philosophies or principles that […]

Challenges of Doing Research Studies Abroad.

As valuable as knowledge is, the power to acquire it independently is even more valuable – Mr. Bamuza. The above statement came to hold so true in an undertaking such as research studies and it plays out in many parts. I hope it’ll be of some insight to you, even in the smallest ways, possible. […]

Every Message . . .

EVERY MESSAGE YOU PREACH MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING E’s E1 – It must EDUCATE. If you talk about Nebuchadnezer’s illness, the Professor of Medicine there should learn that he suffered from lyncatropy. He should also know that to sweat blood is haematidrosis, when you talk about the agony of Gethsemane. E2 – It must EMANCIPATE. It must […]