Confucius said, “Study the past if you would define the future“.

    Many of us, though, get stuck while studying our pasts; we end up, invariably, using past experiences as yardsticks for future experiences.


    I grew up with many inadequacies in life.

    1. As you must have known, my father was a refuse collector.

    2. My father was blind in one eye.

    3. My mother would let me know that I was the ugliest child amongst her children.

    Numbers 1, 2, and 3 created inferiority complex and made me a very shy person.

    4. I was also the most rascally and troublesome child around.

    Till today, I always pray that I should not bring shame to the Body of Christ, through any stupid behaviour. IT IS ONE OF MY MOST IMPORTANT PRAYERS.

    5. I was from a very dysfunctional family where police used to come and settle quarrels and fights between my parents; sometimes, they were so violent that blood flowed.


    When the tendencies of my parents reared their ugly heads I shut them up. I associated and copied good families. The first five years of family life were not easy.

    6. My two elder brothers married severally and I still have one next to me in the extended family who has married severally.

    7. My families from my paternal and maternal sides were very steep in idol worship and there are still high priests of community deities there, till date.

    8. I don’t have a good memory.

    I don’t quote many scriptures while preaching. I don’t spell well and write well or even speak well.

    9. I never had a formal Bible School training.

    10. Most of the things I do are outside my areas of academic training.

    11. I am also not very sophisticated or fashionable; in fact, I am very uncomfortable in public places.

    12. I had this spirit of anxiety from not being too sure of the future due to my poverty-stricken background.

    These are just a few of the many inadequacies I had.

    Poverty can create a voice of insecurity and desperation. There are several voices of inadequacies that speak up in my mind daily. There are also voices of anxiety that speak up—worries and scenarios that will never take place.

    I share a secret with you today. I have learnt to shut them up; occasionally, I loudly shout them down. It is like bailing water from your ship, else you will sink.

    I have learnt to act contrary to my fears and inadequacies. I have learnt to confront my fears.

    Praying in the spirit, silently, has been a great source of strength.

    I have learnt to walk and work away from my past, family tendencies, and backgrounds. I don’t believe in ancestral curses, but I consciously do not partake in any cultural activities that will yoke me to them.

    I have chosen to create a new future.


    Most importantly, I know my strengths and I choose to concentrate on them. I know my weaknesses and I build a defense. I have learnt to laugh at my past and deficiencies.

    I never compete with other people—I choose my pace.

    My simple encouragement to someone is that you are good enough to be great. Shut that voice up that speaks otherwise and work towards your destination in Jesus Name.

    What is past is past and it does not forebode well to relive past mistakes or transgressions. Move forward rather than being stuck in the past. No one can redo the past but everyone can create a better future.

    Byron Pulsifer


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