One Attitude You Must Cultivate to Reach a High Altitude

Today, I want to share a powerful message about the importance of consistency. This concept was inspired by a saying from my Sunday school superintendent, Deacon Wilson Emagbarha, who mentioned that if you stand still for too long, a lizard will eventually climb you, mistaking you for a tree. This image of consistency resonated deeply with me.

Lessons from Elisha’s Consistency

In 2 Kings 13:17-18, we read about Elisha instructing the King of Israel to strike the ground with arrows. The king struck three times and stopped, which angered Elisha. He expected more from the king, illustrating the importance of persistence and consistency. Here are key lessons from this passage:

  1. Elisha’s Sickness and Anointing:
    • Elisha was sick with the illness that ultimately killed him. This teaches us that anointed individuals can face vulnerabilities, but their anointing remains intact. Consistency in one’s calling is crucial, regardless of personal circumstances.
  2. Consistent Service:
    • Elisha demonstrated consistency from the time he followed Elijah to receiving a double portion of his anointing. Similarly, I have a young assistant who has shown unwavering dedication and loyalty, which I rewarded with a substantial gift of land.
  3. Instruction and Obedience:
    • Consistency also means following through with instructions. When given an instruction, like the king should have continued striking the ground, following through persistently is key to success.

The Value of Consistency

Consistency is doing what produces results regularly and continuously, with improvement and achieving more results. This principle is evident in various aspects of life:

  1. Service and Loyalty:
    • Those who serve with consistency, like my young assistant, eventually receive significant rewards. Many people, however, give up too soon, missing out on potential blessings.
  2. Learning and Growth:
    • Just as Elisha was consistent in his service, individuals must consistently pursue knowledge and improvement. This can involve seeking instruction, meditating on teachings, and persistently applying them.
  3. Business and Investment:
    • Consistent investment and reinvestment in one’s endeavors, as I have done with real estate, lead to significant growth over time. This principle applies to any field, including sports and academics.

Final Thoughts

To achieve high altitudes in life, cultivate consistency. Whether in spiritual pursuits, professional endeavors, or personal development, regular and persistent effort is key. Consistency is a powerful force that, like water droplets wearing away concrete, can lead to significant and lasting change.

I remain your friend, Dr. Charles Apoki. Join me in cultivating consistency to reach new heights. Stay tuned for our upcoming seminar on July 5th and 6th at 7 p.m. Nigerian time. To register, send a message to +234 7052 13 6763 or +234 80 2121 9262. Let’s continue to grow together.

God bless you.

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