Controversy: Daughters Take Care of Fathers More Than Sons | Discuss

A lot of people find this topic debatable, especially the opposite sex. The truth is daughters tend to take care of their fathers more than sons. I came to this conclusion from personal experiences and numerous conversations, including one with a friend and classmate from medical school.

Training a female child is often more challenging than training a male. It’s not just about school fees but also about the comprehensive molding required to ensure that a girl grows up to embody the values and lessons imparted to her. The nurturing cost of raising a girl is higher, but the rewards are profound.

There’s a concept known as the Electra complex, derived from Greek mythology, which suggests that daughters have a strong bond with their fathers. Even after marriage, daughters often make a efforts to care for their fathers. This has been true in my experience and the experiences of many other men.

For instance, my daughter, who manages our two schools, balances her roles as a wife and a businesswoman while still prioritizing her father’s legacy. She once told her husband, “I will help you build your life, your businesses, and our family, but I can’t abandon my father’s business.” Her dedication is something I deeply respect.

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It is very important to train your daughters, love them, discipline them, direct them, get them to be open and drive them towards success. In the end, daughters often become what I like to call “female sons.” They don’t typically compete with their brothers for inheritance, but they are reliable caretakers in their parents’ old age.

I’m curious about your experiences. Have you noticed a similar trend in your family? Share your thoughts and let’s discuss this intriguing topic.

I remain your friend, Dr. Charles Apoki. Train your daughters and God bless you.

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