Something Serious is Brewing in Nigeria

Today, I want to discuss a critical development in Nigeria: the push towards regional government. There have been proposals for a single six-year presidential term, nine new regions, and other significant political changes. As someone who has witnessed Nigeria’s history since before independence, I have some insights to share on this topic.

The Problems We Face

Nigeria’s major issues include a lack of unity and cooperation. Instead of working together, different regions, tribes, and political parties compete to control the national resources. This divisive approach results in unqualified leaders and corrupt, tribalistic politics. Additionally, the Immunity Clause for governors fosters irresponsibility, as they act with impunity without being accountable to the people.

Proposals for Change

Six-Presidential Council

  • Structure: Six presidents, each from one of the six geopolitical zones, serve collectively for 12 years. Every two years, one president acts as the national spokesman, handling ceremonial duties while governance is shared among all six.
  • Benefits: This ensures representation for all regions and religions, prevents one-man dictatorship, and promotes balanced decision-making.

Regional Parties and Elections

  • Campaigns: Only regional parties should campaign within their regions, reducing costs and ensuring each region brings out its best candidates.
  • Electoral Bodies: A national electoral body should oversee elections to ensure impartiality and reduce regional power influences.

Winner-Takes-All Politics

  • Prime Ministers: The second-place candidate in regional elections becomes the regional prime minister, reducing the high stakes of winning and fostering cooperation.
  • Governors: Governors work with regional prime ministers, ensuring balanced regional governance.

Streamlining Government

  • Abolish the Senate: The Senate is expensive and redundant with a six-man presidential council. The House of Representatives should remain to represent the people.
  • Local Government Autonomy: Local governments should receive direct allocations from the federal government, ensuring better resource management and development.

Resource Management and Economic Development

  • Mineral Resources: Regions should control and benefit from their mineral resources, contributing a portion to the federal government for national services.
  • State Competitiveness: States should harness their resources and compete economically, promoting productivity and self-reliance.

Enhancing Security

  • Multi-Level Policing: Establish federal, regional, state, and local police forces to improve security and address crime at all levels.


These proposals aim to create a more united, efficient, and prosperous Nigeria. By decentralizing power, ensuring fair representation, and promoting regional development, we can address the core issues that have plagued our nation.

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I remain your friend, Dr. Charles Apoki. God bless you.

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