Keys to Raising Successful Children: It’s a Lifetime Duty

Today, I want to share some insights on raising successful children. This is a journey that requires dedication, patience, and a clear set of guiding principles. Here are the key points you need to consider:

1. Prophesy Their Future

Even before your children are born, start speaking positive affirmations over their lives. When my wife and I were expecting our children, we spoke about the qualities we hoped they would inherit—her beauty and my intellect. This practice continued after they were born. As the first to hold them, I prophesied greatness and brilliance into their lives. This spiritual foundation sets the tone for their future success.

2. Be Patient

Every child develops at their own pace. Some are slow learners or less organized, like I was. Patience is crucial in nurturing their growth. Allow them the time they need to learn and grow without undue pressure.

3. Provide a Pattern

Set a clear example for your children. Show them that hard work pays off, no matter how menial the task. My wife and I did not consider any job too small, even selling secondhand clothes despite our professional backgrounds. This taught our children the value of diligence and resilience.

4. Position Them for Success

Invest in good education and expose them to environments that foster leadership and excellence. My father ensured I attended quality schools, which laid the foundation for my achievements. Position your children by giving them access to the best educational opportunities you can afford.

5. Push and Prompt Them

Encourage your children to step out of their comfort zones. Sometimes, a gentle push is necessary to help them realize their potential. Provide the momentum they need to pursue their goals but be careful not to make them desperate. Support them in becoming independent, as this is a crucial aspect of their success.

6. Protect and Punish

Balance love and discipline. Protect your children, but also let them know that actions have consequences. Discipline them appropriately when they make mistakes, as this teaches them accountability. The Yoruba saying about the rod of correction driving away foolishness is very apt here—corrective measures are essential for proper upbringing.

7. Value Your Children

Treat your children as valuable members of the family. Love and respect them, and they will reciprocate. Building a strong bond with your children ensures they will care for you in your old age. Especially with daughters, who often become the primary caregivers, investing time and love in them pays off in the long run.

Raising successful children is a continuous process that extends even into their adulthood. The distractions of modern life make it necessary for parents to remain involved and supportive. Remember, your children are your ambassadors to the world, and their success is a reflection of your efforts and values.

I remain your friend, Dr. Charles Apoki. God bless you.

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