Decompress and Decongest Your Life

    Life and living can place a lot of demands on your physical, mental, and social well-being. Don’t let so-called “motivational speakers” like Dr. Apoki Charles put you under unnecessary pressure. Inasmuch as I talk about KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and Daily Performance Indicators, we must be very careful not to congest our lives with very debilitating activities.

    I had to change my hotel accommodation from the city centre in Port Harcourt to one closer to where I was preaching, because of the stress of driving for 45 minutes each, to and from the city centre to the church. The risk of driving through the busy highway was not good for my age. I was more relaxed in the new hotel and it took me less time to get to the church.

    I receive a lot of calls from different people who want to have face to face discussions with me. I have found out that I could easily discuss such matters over the phone and free more time for myself for more productive activities.

    I also use the Vilfredo Pareto Principle, when applied means that 80% of your efforts will bring 20% of your returns, and 20% of your efforts will bring 80% of your results.

    As much as daily performance indicators (DPIs) are important, you must not crowd your days and life with non-productive activities. Long-term Performance Indicators are much better indicators in the long run.

    There are things that gave me revenues in the time past that I no longer do because I need to decongest my life and concentrate on newer and more productive activities. This is very important at 63 years of age because time becomes more valuable as you get older. You can’t afford to waste your time now.

    God Bless You.

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