Social Justice: The Missing Ingredient in Nigeria

    The same sun rises over the homes of the rich and the poor. The same sunrise shines over the elite areas and the slums. Each child wakes up in both areas with hopes and aspirations. The difference between the children from the elite areas and the slums are the opportunities that society will provide them.

    Giving the same opportunities and rights to both the slum dwellers and the elite without discrimination is social justice.

    The privilege I had was that I had the same opportunities to attend the same primary and secondary schools with the children of the elite.

    I attended the same university, the University of Ibadan, with the children of the elite. Our homes and clothes were different, our meals were different at home, but the same in the boarding schools. We were friends from different tribes and backgrounds, but we were one.

    The government and the society gave us a level playing ground with impartial referees. It was up to us from the slums to rise and play the game with our mates.

    There were no so-called motivational speakers like Dr. Apoki Charles then. We were not even born again or had educated parents. But Jehovah was gracious enough to help us fight the fight for a better life.

    Even though we, the beneficiaries of this level playing ground, have made things difficult for those from our former backgrounds, each parent and child must dare to pursue their futures with vigour and maximise the little opportunities still available.

    One thing I find difficult to understand is young men defending their oppressors on social media and fighting their fellow youths in the streets. I find it very disturbing that youths from some of the most deprived and backward parts of Nigeria and even poor deprived security agents traumatise and frustrate those who fight for social justice.

    Rise and pursue your future with vigour.

    God Bless You.

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