Life is a Transaction

If someone buys any product or service from you, (s)he is buying part of your life, and his/her money is a portion of his/her life (s)he has transacted with you. The money paid to you is from his/her sweat, and the sweat is from his/her blood, and the blood is his/her life.

Even if (s)he works under in air-conditioned surroundings, (s)he gets exhausted even in the most conducive environments and with the smartest folks.

Imagine a car, with fuel in the tank and the engine idling on a cold day. With time, the fuel will decrease. The exhaust fumes, like vapour, are like the life of a human being draining out. That’s why they get exhausted. The fuel needs to be replenished and the engine serviced.

Money is the blood of every business and the blood is replenished through profitable transactions.

Profit is essential for the growth, development, and sustainability of any business.

Don’t do ministry and philanthropy with your business time and capital; you will kill the business. Do ministry and philanthropy from your profit for sustainability.

Separate church mentality from your business, but display Christ in your business place.

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Live profitably.

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