We are Choking in Our Cities

I check my BP quite often.

For some weeks back, I had quite stressful issues surrounding me, and I found out that my BP was elevated beyond my usual values. On my own, I hardly get stressed out by my activities. So, I decided to stay out of work at Petra Institute. Even when I wanted to go there, different people drove me there with their cars.

I decided to go to the farm fellowship with my BP apparatus. I checked my BP several times at home during my rest period and subsequently started reading it 3 or 4 times in the farm. Today, I sold poultry manure before going to the farm. In fact, my wife drove me to the farm. I received a visitor, trekked about 500 metres, helped to harvest cassava, and supervised the work at the building site. I also laughed a lot with my workers. The air was very fresh and I just loved the greenery. Like in the past days, I checked my blood pressure and it was down to my normal blood pressure.

I also checked the blood pressure of many of my workers and they were much lower than the normal values 120/80, even just after doing manual labour. The Talakawas don’t have the stress of the township.

I don’t hear any car horns blaring or music there in the farm.

When I went back home, a nearby hotel was blaring music that vibrated my roof as I was writing. There was another one to the left of the one vibrating my roof. I can hear car horns in my rest room about 300ft from the road.

I know I might be woken up by a church doing early morning prayers tomorrow morning. My wife might disturb my early morning sleep by waking up by 4:45 am. A fuel station will start playing music by around 5 a.m. The irritating part is that it’s the same song that sounds like what idol worshippers sing when they want to sacrifice a goat.

My neighbor has about 15 buses that carry workers for a glass company; they will start going out to carry their passengers to work by around 5.30 a.m.

Another pressure is that my wife likes watching TVC news and their journalist’s hangout program, and most of what they say gets me depressed.

All these combined together is like living in a pressure cooker for me. If I have my way I will move to the farm and just live there.

God Bless You.

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