Practical Demonstration of Financial Polygamy

I confessed to you that I was financially polygamous.

No amount is too small to impregnate.

I got 16,500 Naira as dividends from one of my cooperatives for the last financial year. I sold books of about 29,000 Naira after a lecture I delivered. I decided to impregnate them. I have bought these sheep for 40,000 Naira, and they are pregnant. By the Grace of God, if they deliver twice in the next 12 months, I will have 10 sheep from this investment.

I plan to buy more; the animal house is virtually ready. If I can repeat this process over and over, I foresee a great future. My friend, Sir Victor, told me he does not prepare any special feed for them. They go free range in the community. Sir Victor, at one time, had 500 ducks; he has since sold all of them.

Animal husbandry that does not compete with humans for the same staples like maize, soya, etc., are areas we need to look into.

Our rural pastors can become very productive entrepreneurs if they are willing to harness the wealth in the suburban areas and if they do not see their postings there as punishment. The headquarters of denominations should try as much as possible to help them acquire skills and give them takeoff capital.

Our state governments at various levels should empower young men and women who are ready to go into animal husbandry and agriculture in general.

I am thinking of having several free-range ‘noilers’ (a mixed breed of broilers and the native fowl) and turkeys in my farm.

The rural areas are the next entrepreneurial hubs. Key into it.

God Bless You.

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