Importance has to do with relevance in the scheme of things in human existence and interactions.

Value is the price people are ready to pay for a thing or service. It’s the opportunity cost attached to your relationship with people and your services.

Air is very important and essential for living, but nobody buys air. People buy food and water that are less essential, but they don’t buy air. Air is over available; it’s everywhere; it’s not exclusive.

When you are everywhere, comment on everything on social media, attend every ceremony, you become cheap.

Learn to attach value to yourself.

Despise the free lunch.

When a crowd wears crowns it becomes a uniform; it looses royalty.

When titles become too common, it becomes an alias. Imagine a situation where everybody starts answering professor! Even when your titles and degrees become too many, they become questionable and of no value in very intelligent societies.

Even if I belong to social media platforms, I don’t comment often. I’m paid to share ideas and wisdom, so I can’t throw it on the footpaths of life. Birds will pick them up. Don’t give unsolicited counsel; it might attract anger and insult. Even these posts I make are deliberately done; it’s only a tiny fraction of information you get here.

Even God the Father, did not reveal everything to Jesus, and Jesus did not reveal everything to His disciples. I recently checked my followers on Instagram, and majority of them are from Lagos, not Ughelli (where I reside) or Warri. My worst critics and antagonists are usually my tribesmen. Young people who have free access to me are my worst antagonists.

The sponsor of my radio broadcast only listened to me a few times and has been paying for it. He is not even resident in the area of coverage. People come from very far to be mentored by me, and several young people sacrifice a lot to appreciate my impact on their lives, but it will shock you to know there are people very very close to me who take the same principles for granted. I suspect some of my family members despise what I am doing.

Sometimes, it is the people who reside close to a church that go late to church.

What you don’t value can’t help you, no matter how important it is. You, too, cannot improve on what you don’t value; it’s mutually destructive.

Did Shakespeare have children? If he had, how many books did they write? Did Tolstoy have children? I don’t know. How many books did they write? Did Adam Smith have children? How many economic theories did the propound? Have you seen brilliant lawyers whose chambers died with them? I know very influential evangelists whose children refused to continue their father’s legacies. They despised the stress involved.

Live your life.

God Bless You.


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