Ruth started at the base of the pyramid of the harvest process, but there are key notes about her attitude that are common with people who start small but eventually end up at the pinnacle of life.

1. She maximized the opportunity she had to glean.

Every opportunity has great potentials latent in them.

2. She processed the barley, thus adding value to it.

Add value to what is your hands.

Avoid activities and people who don’t add value to your life.

3. She quantified the outcome of her outing. It amounted to an ephah, which is about 13 kg or 20 litres of dry materials.

He is a God of values and results.

God is a God of numbers; He keeps records of things.

4. A credit in mathematics is not just to get a chance to study in the University; it’s for critical analysis, evaluation, quantification, and sound decision-making.

5. Please quantity the value of your activities and relationships. What do they amount to?

What are the things that amount to something in your life?

What activities or people amount to nothing in your life?

Life is an investment.

Life is a double columnar cash book.

Balance your books.

God Bless You.


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