My dear son, Rev. Samson Bodjor, took me to a shopping mall this morning to buy a very fine pair of shoes for me.

    I call him son because I’m old enough to be his father.

    This means so much to me.

    Lessons of Life

    1. I remember the first day I met him; he was moderating a program very well, but one of his shoes had an open mouth like a fish gasping for air.

    I gave him 100 Naira to stitch it.

    That was about 20 years back.

    2. Another time, I saw him at the DSC Roundabout, Warri, Delta State, and gave him a lift.

    From there, our father/son relationship started.

    He is part of my nuclear family.

    3. He has spent more time with me than most people I have mentored.

    4. I have also traveled with him to several places within and outside Nigeria, as far as Kenya and Madagascar.

    I have also shared my contacts in life and ministry with him.

    5. He drank from the fountain of my calling.

    He would come with a diary and take notes, even when he would have no transport fare; I used to pay for him to get back home then. Today, he takes care of me.

    6. He has become a great husband, father, and minister of the Gospel.

    I usually tell churches, I recommend him to, that I have someone who will preach it better than I would do.

    I’m so happy that my decision to invest in young people for more than 30 years back is yielding great results. I usually pray for them that they will become so great and successful that they will drive cars, as gifts, to my house, not too far from now.

    God bless Rev. Samson Bodjor.

    God bless you all in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Happy holidays to you all.

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