I am all for restructuring the present political structure in present-day Nigeria.

    Truth Be Told

    1. One of the things we should be doing now is the reconfiguration of the the average Nigerian mindset.

    Even if you make every state a country in Nigeria, you will only succeed in spreading the mindset of the present state of Nigeria to more units, and no real change will take place.

    2. We must create a sense of responsibility towards our neighbors and the society.

    Responsibility is the gear that propels the engine of societal development.

    3. The beauty and functionality we see in developed societies emanate from individual and collective desire for the improvement of self and society in general.

    4. Making life better and worth living are the primary duties of leadership.

    We must raise leaders with this mindset

    5. We must develop a mindset of improving our little corner of Nigeria starting from ourselves, families, businesses, and communities.

    From there, it flows to the country.

    Light up your little light and let it shine.

    Light up your neighbors lamp and help make it shine.

    God Bless You.

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