By Marcus Ekure

    The most cardinal stage of attitude-formation in humans is when they are still very young. Sigmund Freud, one of the greatest psychologists and the founder of psychoanalysis, proposed that the first five years are crucial to the formation of adult personality. Therefore, the good child, most likely, maketh the good adult!

    Yesterday was a very busy day for OUR SUPPER KIDS TRAIN as they were all engaged in the production of these cakes.

    A day without work and duty for these kids is wasted!

    They have become work hunters, because we have instilled the value and importance of work.

    Like the symbolism of the rejected stone becoming the chief cornerstone, these children have been refined through mentorship, and are now most wanted.

    Beyond McTonia’s Classroom (of the McTonia’s Catering Academy), we also expose them to the secrets of making money.

    Next week, their major assignment would be to produce chin chin and peanuts, package them, and market within the neighbourhood. The best marketer would win the McTonia’s weekly prize.

    I’m loving these kids and their teacher daily.

    OUR PHILOSOPHY: We may not be able to fix the whole world, but we can play a little part of the whole that may culminate in reasonable multiplier effects tomorrow.

    We believe that if you can fix the child, you may just be fixing the world unknowingly.

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