Lessons Of My Life

Roses are adorable flowers. I suspect that they were “domesticated” over time. Most of the ones in gardens have the soil well prepared for them. However, there are wild Roses with beautiful flowers and natural aroma.

Some of us are wild roses that fell on rocky foundations.

I realized very early that my “soil” was a hard rock. I knew very early that the soft road was not my portion. I knew very early that I must germinate before I would grow.

I did not follow the pathway of my mates; I had to find the cracks in the rock. I knew I needed to grow before bringing out flowers.

God helped me, and Igbo Land (in Aba) gave me a good place to incubate.

Manufacture Yourself Before You Market Yourself.

I knew my challenges, but I was shown the pathway to germinate. That route was education.

I knew I was not intelligent in the real sense of intelligence. I read a subject matter over and over before I understand it.

I don’t have a good memory, so I don’t quote many scriptures when I’m preaching.

My handwriting is terrible, so I write sometimes with capital letters.

I had P7 in English language, but I managed to credit Literature in English. Because of that, I deliberately set out to read many books and I study television broadcasts. I learn from those who speak well on a daily basis.

I have learnt to hold on to the rock and go the extra mile.

I don’t take most of these “Panadol messages” that excite Pentecostals. I want to know what I will do, and I will fold my sleeves and work hard.

Germination of a business or ministry is the most difficult part. Growing it is not easy too. Flourishing, most times, is by those who run with your vision.

The customers are still coming. I can see a great future from this Garden of Gethsemane.

rose rock

God Bless You.

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