Going through my archives of experiences, I thought I should share this experience of my visit to St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church to The Story Behind The Glory series.

When I got to the big Catholic Church, nobody paid attention to me in the real sense because I have never been there before. However, when I started preaching, this wonderful priest was clapping and could barely sit down.

He asked all the members to come and shake me when I finished preaching. He told me I would come and preach during a Sunday morning mass at my own convenience. He further said I would come and preach anywhere he was transferred to. For a Catholic Church that is a major open door.

Next, he scored my preaching 107% and said that it was mature and a great blessing to the people.

He asked the leaders of the fellowship to escort me out as if I was a governor. I can’t remember how many times I’ve received such honour from Pentecostal churches; and coming from a different denomination, it was more special.

Lessons Of My Life

  1. For me, seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . . is not only to go to heaven. It means putting the interest of the Kingdom of God first before any other personal interest. Then every other thing will be added; because we won’t need them in heaven.
  2. Prime yourself to give the best to bless the people you come across in whatever venture you find yourself in. I put in my life when am preaching.
  3. Always remember, there is no second chance to make a first impression. The first cut is the deepest—Cat Stevens
  4. There is no meeting I am invited to that I take lightly. I wrote the message into a booklet form. I read it over and over, several times.
  5. I made sure I went very early and spent enough time praying in the spirit silently.
  6. When I was not praying, my spirit man was tuned to the frequency of the Holy Spirit. I mentally turned off all distractions—phone calls, internet, etc.
  7. At such times, the holy spirit reveals mysterious explanations and the needs of the people to me. When I explained the sacrament of the holy communion, the priest and the audience applauded.
  8. Never set out to make a name for yourself or build a private empire from another man’s church or ministry. Integrity is of utmost importance.

I have not entered more than 20 homes in Nigeria in the past 16 years. I hardly visit people so as not to create the wrong impression as if I need their members.

  1. I had to ask questions about the rules and regulations of preaching in the Catholic Church. My purpose there is to build and not destroy.

I see my ministry as the thread that sews the different parts of the Body of Christ together. I don’t have members, but I have a big audience.

However, these things take time. Be patient. It took 16 years of my stay in Ughelli before this opportunity. Wait for God’s timing.

God will also open opportunities for you to fully discharge your purpose here in life. Thanks for all your prayers.

God Bless You.


  1. Indeed u’ve been a source of inspiration & blessings to me. God increase u on everyside sir.

  2. I have really seen a new personality in my affairs with life since I started listening to your messages on Quest FM sir.
    I must say that I am so much grateful to God for unveiling a very expensive and a saving material such as you in this corrupt generation.. It means there is still hope.
    God bless you sir for your good works.
    I will surely let you know my progress so far with you very soon.
    Cheers sir. Mingwo.

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