The Deposit of God in You

Genesis 4:17b (MSG) says, “He then built a city and named it after his son, Enoch“. The previous verses show how God, Himself, cursed Cain. Despite that he was still able to build a city. How did he get capital? How did he get raw materials? There was an inherent ability in him that was […]

The Future Starts Now

Speaking to Members of A Cooperative Society. Lessons of Life 1. Start planning for old age when you are young because the future starts now. I decided how I would live in old age while I was still in medical school. I decided that I would stop medical practice when I got to age 40. […]

Becoming a Financial Giant

Speaking, today, to the Youths of Heroes of Faith Church.   Financial giants are those who stand head and shoulders above their contemporaries in finances. There are about 2000 billionaires globally. I am not one of them yet; however, I have read and studied some basic characteristics about billionaires and the very rich people of […]

In The Beginning It Was Not So

The pictures below were taken when I went to Owerri to address Businessmen and Pastors from several branches of Assemblies of God Church. On my way to Owerri, I passed by a hotel where my wife and I were accommodated about 16 years back when we went to preach in a church in Obinze, southeastern […]

The R’s to Unlocking the Power of Knowledge

In the first post on The Power of Knowledge, we looked at the meanings of knowledge and power, and how knowledge translates to power. In this continuing post, we’ll look at how to unlock the Power in Knowledge. To unlock the power of knowledge, it must have the attributes described below. 1. Relevant Knowledge Text: […]

Audio Messages

Vision & Delayed Gratification Focus Perceivable Value Ishmael Ambassadorial Consciousness Key Ingredients Relevant for Life Born to Soar Guided Missiles The Principles of Mary Magdalene 1 & 2 Certification, Career, & Cash Flow Dynamism of Wealth Expansion of Wealth The Department of Stomach Sciences I am afraid of Tomorrow The Reality of Times Commitment Breaking […]

The Power of Knowledge

Text: Proverbs 24:3-5 What is knowledge? According to online definitions, knowledge includes the following: 1. Facts These are verifiable truthful information that can stand—and have stood—the test of time. They are realities condensed in statements. 2. Information This is new awareness, in addition to what you are already aware of. In Ruth 1:6, Naomi heard […]

Sunset in Kunukunuma

When I got the invitation to speak at Ama-Ebimo Zion, Kunukunuma, a Cherubim and Seraphim church, I was initially reluctant to accept the invitation until I met with the head of the church, Apostle Mathias. He had this professorial look and a very friendly demeanor. One of the things I’ve realized with my association with […]

21st Century and Ministry

Text: 1 Chronicles 12:32, 2 Timothy 2:15 For every generation, the message of the Gospel should remain the same. However, the instruments and methods—of passing the Gospel to each generation—must change if the church and ministers are to catch up with the peculiarities of that generation. Ministry remains the following: The message of reconciliation of […]