The pictures below were taken when I went to Owerri to address Businessmen and Pastors from several branches of Assemblies of God Church.

On my way to Owerri, I passed by a hotel where my wife and I were accommodated about 16 years back when we went to preach in a church in Obinze, southeastern Nigeria.

The room had no functional showers and heaters; the hotel staff usually brought water in a plastic bucket that was slimy as if it was rubbed with Okra. The generator was running only up on till 12 midnight; then we had to battle with mosquitoes till morning. The church members would come to the program by 10 p.m. after coming from their farms; we closed the service by 1 a.m.

It was a very strange experience.

Lessons of Life

1. When God calls you, He might not tell you the challenges you will face.

God did not book an “airport taxi” to carry Mary to Bethlehem even though the seed in her womb was the outcome of a message from an angel. It is believed that the journey took about 2 days through very rugged terrain.

2. No matter the greatness of your calling and the anointing you carry, unless your father is a big general overseer, the road to the top starts at the bottom.

3. The path to glory will take you through very strange experiences.

Mary never imagined that she will go into labour in a manger to deliver the deliverer of humanity from sin. There will always be many odd jobs before the up jobs come around

4) Even if God commissions you into the ministry, there are some things and pains you will bear without His help. Sometimes, you must pass the same normal processes like others.

Mary, though she was carrying the Messiah, had to push Jesus out like any other woman.

5. The journey to glory is very lonely at the bottom. You might not even hear from God all the time. However, just trust His initial promise or Word until you hear from Him again.

Men might avoid you and your “pregnancy” until you deliver.

When Mary was in labour, the angel that brought the news to her as a virgin did not book an accommodation for her. Do not wait for people to encourage you in your beginning; encourage yourself. People have their own problems; don’t be afraid to walk alone.

6. When you persevere and break forth, your friends will increase.

Failure is an orphan, but success has many parents. It was after Mary delivered Jesus that the angel went out to call the shepherds and other angels. He was there all through the challenges Mary went through.

God is watching you, don’t give up.

God Bless You.

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  1. Thank you sir, am so blessed by your word and tomorrow by 6:30 am I will be listening to your programme on quest fm.

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