He Calls Me “Daddy”

    I met this child a little more than a year ago.

    His grandmother had him on her laps as he very sick. I initially ignored them but something told me to stop by and ask what was wrong.

    The street that leads directly to my school constantly reminds me of my background of poverty, only that these people are much better than we were; at least some of them.

    As it turned out the child was feverish and convulsing. It turned out that the child had been epileptic for some time. The family had spent a fortune on him to no available. His father abandoned him for the grandmother.

    I treated him for malaria and gave him a nutritional supplement that enhances brain metabolism. I also put him on anticonvulsant therapy and God helped me and him.

    The convulsions stopped, the dribbling saliva stopped, and he started to walk again. His speech was restored and he now speaks perfectly.

    My wife gave him scholarship in our school. She also made clothes for him and bought a dozen underwears for him.

    Any time I drive past their one-room apartment, he will scream, “DADDY!” and tell the other children, “See my Daddy!” with so much pride.

    I have never seen his father any day, but he calls me Daddy. . .

    That is enough for me.

    My spirit told me to do what I am doing now . . .

    You never can tell who that child will become.” That’s what I heard.

    I have not seen his mother for up to 6 months, but he calls me Daddy

    God help me to be a Daddy to more children in my lifetime.

    I was so glad to see him having fun with children of commissioners, kings, lawyers, etc.

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