We are all familiar with the story of the prodigal son. In these series of posts, I’d be looking at some peculiar lessons we can glean from his experiences.

    Main Text: Luke 15:11-13

    Genesis 13:1-3, 34:1-2, 38:1-30

    LESSON 1:  He broke family unit and unity

    One of the potent tricks of the devil is to make an individual break away from the protective influence of a Godly family or a Godly fellowship.


    When Buffaloes migrate in East Africa they migrate as a group with the big males and females at the front, sides, and rear. It’s a tactical formation to provide high security to those most susceptible to danger. Lions who want to attack also hunt in a group. However, as long as the buffaloes migrate as a group the young ones in the middle are safe. The trick and strategy the predators use is scattering the formation of herd and trapping the one that is alone or has migrated from the herd.

    When Sardines migrate in South Africa, they migrate as a group because they have sensors on their sides that make them move together. Sharks and whales have monocular vision; this makes them see the shoal of sardines as a singular large creature and are scared of it. Immediately some rascally sardines break from the school of sardines, a predator can see their smallness and gulp them.

    When a child runs from home he or she becomes vulnerable. The protective covering of the family no longer becomes available to such a child.

    When a husband or wife abandons his/her family he/she will usually create more problems for the kids and themselves. This can adversely affect the kids for a long time to come. Children who grow up in homes where the parents are together statistically do better than those from single homes.

    Don’t prematurely break ranks from your mentor or master. It is better to be sent forth with grace and blessings than to take off on your own.

    Don’t abandon goodly principles and practices of a family to pursue fantasies. How good is it for brethren to dwell together in unity—Psalm 133 :1-3.

    Breaking a church might temporarily benefit you but might eventually separate you from God.

    LESSON 2:  Desperation/Impatience

    The prodigal son prematurely demanded for his share of the wealth. He was not even the eldest. He was not yet married, so he must have been quite young.

    There are some things you are entitled to; however, you have to please learn to wait for the title rights before you claim them. That a mango tree belongs to you does not mean you should eat unripe mangoes; it is much wiser and safer—health-wise—to be patient till they get ripe. That you have done an introduction ceremony does not mean you are married. Don’t start indulging in premarital sex because you are an adult.


    Don’t be in a hurry to be called Papa and Mama or any other big title; these titles come with age, time, experience, and influence.

    Don’t be in a hurry to be a BIG BOY and live a fake life of simulation. Elephants get pregnant for 22 months and deliver while rats get pregnant for 21 days.

    Many young men are in a hurry to grow their ministries after attending a conference organised by a great Pastor. To be successful as he is, you have to find out the process it took him to get where he is, not the testimonies of today alone. Mushrooms mature in 6 hours but Oaks take 60 years.

    We are too impatient in Nigeria; we hate to follow due process; you can see it in the way we drive in our cities.

    Medical training and the realities of life have taught me patience.

    What I cannot become today, I will, someday. Even if I don’t, life goes on.

    The water you will fetch in a river is always there.

    In the next post, we’ll look at the 6 P’s of wealth that the prodigal son missed.


    1. This is a highly revelational and motivational teaching. You blessed me. You are lifted never to go down.

    2. You’re a huge blessing to your generation… I’m a living proof because I have immensely benefited from your wealth of experiential wisdom. God bless you sir!

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