First, we looked at the importance of Family Unity and the effects of Desperation/Impatience. We then went on to consider The 6 P’s of Wealth and dangers of riotous and wasteful living. Lastly on the series, we looked at the years of the Lean Cows. We continue on the series of the Prodigal Son with the next lesson.

    Text: Luke 15:15-16.

    Prior to the events in the above passage, the prodigal son must have allowed the wealth of his father get into his head. The resultant effect was him longing for the food of pigs he was to look after.

    Lesson 6: Humble yourself before circumstances humble you.

    Pride and prodigality go together.

    It is always best to humble yourself, accordingly, before the rough circumstances of life do that.


    When I sold our hospital and came to Ughelli, Delta State, from Aba in Abia State, I had kill all the illusions and delusions of being a former medical director of my own practice. I was ready to start from scratch.

    I shut my ears to all the critics and mockers. I carried concrete in the school site, when we were building, to save cost. I acted as security man; I drove the school bus; I washed the toilets of the school.

    My wife would usually sit outside selling books in the sun as the wife of the guest speaker when I was invited to preach.



    We collected the off-cut scrap paper from a printing press to resell to other people to pay school fees.

    Because I had no money to pay workers, I personally cut the trees to form the road to the school site. Today we pay more than 72 workers monthly.

    My wife would go and make garri from her mother’s cassava farm and some of my in-laws will mock her saying that “those who are educated, now fry garri“. My cassava farm fed us with more than enough garri for a year in 2014

    One of my in-laws even called me a fake doctor.

    None of those that cruelly mocked me can enter where God allows me to enter today. Ironically, I don’t pay for such privileges. My past has paid the price and now I get the prize.

    We went through all the “humiliating” periods to conserve money to build a greater future. A few days back one young man who was very rude to me back in the time when things were very rough came to apply as a driver in my school.

    If the prodigal son had remained humble under his father and elder brother and was ready to work, he would not have gone so low as to look after pigs and hunger after hog food.

    I live at a level that I cannot fall below. I live on the floor level . . .

    Where were all the friends of the prodigal son when he was with pigs? Most of those you want to impress when things are good will abandon you when the chips are down.


    I always wonder why people will wait until retirement before they want to farm or rear animals and do one business that so-called “illiterates” do. Why don’t you do them on part-time and grow those businesses before retirement?

    If a young man starts with a few pigs at 25 years of age, at 50 he would have become very rich. A young man with 20 beehives at 25 years and grows them to 100 hives when he is 40 will be a multimillionaire, by then, from honey production not to talk of bee wax. It’s slow and steady like the Ant’s Philosophy, but the results are always greater in contrast to the proprietor.

    Jesus humbled himself; even though men humiliated him, God glorified Him.

    In the next post, we’ll be looking at Impulsive and Compulsive Living.

    If you are blessed by this share it.

    God bless You.


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