Church Folks Must Face Dispensational Realities. Every Generation Faces New Realities.

In every generation, new realities emerge that challenge traditional practices and beliefs. This holds especially true in today’s church where attitudes towards giving, miracles, and even pastors have evolved significantly. As a preacher and believer in the Word, it’s crucial to embrace these changes with a dispensational consciousness.

Reflecting on 2 Kings chapter 4, verses 1 to 7, we see Elisha’s interaction with the widow of a prophet. He asked her a profound question: “What do you have in your house?” This inquiry wasn’t just about physical possessions but about recognizing the value of what one possesses and how it can be utilized.

Today, many aspiring ministers may find themselves discouraged by dwindling tithe and offering collections or growing skepticism towards miracles. However, the lesson from Elisha’s encounter remains relevant: dependence solely on traditional church income streams may not suffice in today’s world. Ministers must adapt by acquiring practical skills, offering valuable services, and meeting genuine needs in their communities.

Gone are the days when ministry success was measured solely by the abundance of financial contributions. The new dispensation calls for a diversified approach where ministers are not only spiritual leaders but also practical problem-solvers, equipped to navigate the complexities of modern challenges.

Therefore, if you feel called to ministry, remember that faith without works is dead. Develop your skills, cultivate offerings that add value, and be responsive to the needs of your congregation and community. By doing so, you’ll not only sustain your ministry but also thrive in a world where societal norms and expectations are constantly evolving.

God bless you.

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