It is Time to Face Reality in Nigeria

Nigeria is, if I am being honest, a joke of a country. Our politicians, leaders, bishops, archbishops, and church leaders are often more like comedians than serious leaders. This year, 2024, we need to wake up and face reality. I am not a prophet, but I have carefully analyzed our situation and found the following issues that bothers our country:

  1. Insincerity and Delusion: Many church leaders and politicians are not sincere. They are deluded, and most of the prophecies you hear are from the flesh, not from God. In fact, 99.99% of them don’t hear from God.
  2. Insincere Political Leadership: The present political leadership in Nigeria is insincere. What they say they will do is totally different from what they actually plan to do.
  3. Lack of Intellectual Capacity: Most of our leaders do not have the intellectual capacity to solve the problems that have been plaguing us since the days of the PDP.
  4. Lack of Willpower: Our leaders lack the willpower to create the change that is necessary to move us forward.
  5. Complacent Followers: We, the followers, are part of the problem. We lack the wisdom to hold our leaders accountable. We easily sell our conscience for a bag of rice, our tribe, our region, or our religion.

Face Reality:

From 2024 onwards, religion, region, tribe, and party politics will not save anyone. We must all face reality, and it is through this process that change will come to Nigeria. If the pain does not reach everyone, if it does not get intense enough, Nigeria will not change.

I have stopped complaining. I don’t even watch Nigerian news anymore because the people talking—whether politicians, pastors, or traditional rulers, think you are a fool who doesn’t reason. We have been taken for a ride and deluded by false hopes. The time has come for us to face reality. If we don’t, reality will face us.

A Call to Action:

It is a sad situation, I’ve said this before, create your own economy, create your own security, create your own educational system, create your own energy, create your own water, and create your own accommodation. If possible, improve the road that leads to your house. This country has lost its grip, so face reality.

God bless you.

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