Rich people make more money because the have more than one streams of income. I woke up with a customer at my gate early this morning, eager to buy broilers. And it wasn’t just one customer; I had more than one visitor this morning, the very first day of 2024. I prepared these broilers starting in September and have been selling them since December, right up until now.

Rich people make money even when they are sleeping. They make money when others are celebrating. They make money when others are excited.

Learn to Make Money While You Sleep

From the very first day of the year, learn to start making money even when you are asleep. Think about it: while you were asleep last night, you were spending money, whether you realized it or not. When you woke up, you started spending money.

The Key to Wealth: Consistency and Preparation

The rich understand the importance of consistency and preparation. They set up systems and investments that work for them around the clock. Whether it’s through stocks, real estate, or businesses, they create avenues for continuous income generation.

Seize Opportunities Early

Take advantage of the opportunities available to you from the very first day of the year. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” to start. Begin now. Plan ahead, just like I did with my broilers. By preparing in advance, I ensured that I had products ready to sell when the demand was high.


The year has started, and so should your journey to making money. Embrace the mindset of the rich: make money while you sleep, celebrate, and even while you’re excited. Remember, wealth is built through smart strategies, continuous learning, and seizing opportunities as they come.

Start making money now, and may God bless you.

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