How to Manage a Benefactor | It’s a Skill You Must Learn

A benefactor is someone who, by the grace of providence, comes into your life to make it better, someone you benefit from. To successfully manage this relationship is not a small feat. It requires trust, respect, and a willingness to give back.

Here are some key principles to help you understand and manage this important relationship;

1. Win Their Trust

When you first meet a benefactor, remember they don’t know you and don’t trust you yet. Your primary goal should be to win their trust intentionally. They might test you by leaving money carelessly or giving you more than needed for a task to see if you return the extra. Demonstrating honesty and integrity in these situations is crucial. Just like Joseph in the Bible, who gained Potiphar’s trust and was entrusted with everything, you must prove your reliability.

2. Observe and Help Without Criticism

Pay attention to what might be lacking in your benefactor’s life or environment, but avoid criticizing them. Instead, help rectify these issues. If their house is disorganized, take the initiative to organize it before they return. If their car is dirty, offer to clean it. Your efforts to improve their surroundings will not go unnoticed and will increase your value to them.

3. Maintain Confidentiality

Never share your benefactor’s personal stories or issues with others. Gossiping about them will destroy the trust they have in you. Your benefactor will observe how you handle money, opportunities, and resources. If you save them stress and money, and avoid causing problems, you will earn their respect and trust.

4. Offer Help Without Expecting Repayment

Do small favors for your benefactor without expecting anything in return. If they ask for a favor, do it without asking for repayment. You might be surprised by how generously they repay you in the future. Always focus on what you can contribute to their life, not just what you can take.

5. Think Long-Term

A good relationship with a benefactor is built on mutual respect and trust. When they see you always looking out for their best interests, they will be more inclined to support you and help you progress. Remember, your success also benefits them, and they will want to keep you close.


Managing a benefactor is a valuable skill that can open many doors in your life. By building trust, helping without criticism, maintaining confidentiality, offering help selflessly, and thinking long-term, you can foster a strong, mutually beneficial relationship. Always strive to contribute positively to your benefactor’s life, and you’ll find that they will be eager to support you in return.

Stay Blessed,

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