How to Maintain Your Sanity in a Society with a Lot of Stupidity

Today we’re diving into Carlo Cipolla’s intriguing “Laws of Stupidity.” Cipolla’s principles, shared only among his friends, are not only humorous but strikingly accurate. One of the core laws states that we invariably underestimate the number of stupid people in society. This rings true as you gain spiritual insights and understandings, whether within the church or in broader society.

Stupidity is often prevalent, and the loudest, most critical voices usually come from the most ignorant. This aligns with the Dunning-Kruger effect, where those with the least knowledge are the most overconfident. It’s like a tin of milk: the emptier it is, the louder the noise it makes when dropped. Social media amplifies this effect, with the most vocal often contributing the least substance.

A pivotal moment in my life was when I was removed from a church committee for asking a question. As God reveals truths that challenge the popular beliefs and practices of religious organizations, you might be labeled rebellious. They might call you carnal or unscriptural, or dismiss you as a mere motivational speaker. In my small town, they once said I focused too much on principles rather than spirituality or prophecies. Ironically, these same people now invite me to speak, recognizing the value of the principles I teach.

These principles challenge the intellect and foster entrepreneurial spirit, whereas some church teachings can stifle these aspects. When faced with such opposition, you might question your sanity, wondering if you are the abnormal one. But remember, the majority is not always right; they just have more experience in their folly.

Here’s how to maintain your sanity and thrive in a society with prevalent stupidity:

  1. Excel and Produce Tangible Results: If you fail, people won’t listen to you. Jesus said to judge by deeds, not just words. My principles, advocated for over two decades, have produced global acclaim, proving that you can be educated, anointed, and successful.
  2. Withdraw from Unproductive Circles: Avoid meetings and associations that drain your energy. At one point, I was suspended from the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria for not attending meetings. Now, they invite me back, recognizing the value I bring.
  3. Defend Your Intellectual Territory: Be assertive in protecting your mind from stupidity. I am often called rude or brash, but I prioritize intellectual integrity over pleasing others. Stupid people are dangerous because they operate in large numbers and with confidence.
  4. Select Your Company Wisely: Choose friends and associates who uplift and challenge you intellectually. Avoid sharing your ideas with everyone, as not everyone will appreciate or understand them.
  5. Stay Focused on Your Path: Ignore criticisms and stay true to your principles. Dare to walk alone, pressing towards your higher calling. Ask God for guidance and vindication through your success.

In conclusion, as you strive to maintain your sanity in a society rife with stupidity, remember to excel with your principles, choose your company wisely, and stay focused on your goals. Your success will speak louder than any criticism.

I remain your friend, Dr. Charles Apoki.

God bless you.

For more insights and mentorship, stay tuned to my channels and remember, your success is the best response to the world’s noise.

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