Hello, I am Dr. Charles Apoki. Today, I want to discuss some important truths about what happens when a man doesn’t have money—things your father might not have told you, but you need to know.

When a man lacks financial stability, it impacts various aspects of his life, often leading to behaviours and circumstances that might be misunderstood. Here are some key points I discussed with my friend and lawyer this morning:

  1. Respect and Perception:
    • A man without money may seem senseless or lacking taste, but it’s really about financial constraints. My mother used to say that a poor man knows what is befitting but lacks the means to achieve it.
  2. Family Dynamics:
    • Without money, a man’s respect from his wife diminishes. While some women may continue to respect their husbands, this respect often has limits.
    • A man’s children, especially daughters, may also lose respect for him and drift towards their mother. In some cases, this can lead to daughters seeking better living conditions elsewhere, increasing the risk of teenage pregnancy.
  3. Marital Choices and Daily Life:
    • Men without financial means are more likely to settle for any available woman, as they lack the attractiveness that financial stability provides.
    • In daily life, such men do not have the luxury to choose their diet; they eat whatever is prepared for them.
  4. Emotional and Social Impact:
    • Financial stress leads to high temper and frustration over minor issues.
    • Without money, a man’s influence in family or community decisions diminishes, regardless of his seniority or experience.
  5. Religious and Social Settings:
    • In religious communities, a man’s financial status affects how his suggestions are received and how his transgressions are treated.
    • Wealthy individuals often receive leniency, while those without money face harsher consequences.
  6. Old Age and Social Gatherings:
    • Financial insecurity in old age leads to suffering. At social gatherings, such as old boys’ or students’ association meetings, financially unstable men tend to remain quiet and unnoticed.
  7. Community and Respect:
    • Communities often exploit financially struggling individuals for menial tasks. To gain respect and avoid this, it’s crucial to plan your financial future.

Remember, financial stability significantly impacts your respect and influence both within your family and community. Plan your life accordingly.

God bless you. I’m heading to the farm now with some wine and cash for my wife—because who doesn’t like better?

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