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I am More Than 62,000 Years Old and I Will Live Forever

I know someone might be wondering if I am normal. Yes, I am very normal.

If I can translate part of my 62 years of existence, so far, into more than one million people, then my existence is beyond my age.

As long as there is humanity, that my life can be transplanted into, to flourish better, I will still be alive in people.

Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Engels, Cicero, Chinua Achebe are still alive in their books and those they influenced.

Counsellor Denis Agori reminded me of a lecture I gave years back titled, “Imitators of God”. It’s a portion of my intellect embedded in his mind.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti gave a lecture at Tedder Hall University of Ibadan in 1981; it’s still in my mind.

Dare to live beyond yourself and your needs, and you will live forever.

Dare to touch as many lives as possible, in many ways as possible, and in many places as possible; then your age is no longer chronological, but phenomenal.

That’s the higher life.

God bless you.

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