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There Is Hope For You

Agriculture is a high-risk business.

It might be exciting for some of us, but there are times when it can be very depressing.

A strong storm knocked down about 50% of my plantain stems recently.

That same week, I got a call that someone poisoned 5 of my sheep at Ekakpamre and they died. They had to be placed on lockdown for their own safety.

Theft is another major issue, especially with poultry and fish farming.

My worker was selling my eggs and selling off my broilers, until one of her customers unknowingly told my wife to give her a discount from the 10 broilers she bought from her. Meanwhile, she had free accommodation and eats the same food with us.

Don’t just jump into Agriculture without knowing the risks involved. However, because of the regenerative nature of many crops, nature has a way of compensating you.

The video is self-explanatory. The intriguing part is that the new sucker sprouted from where the old stem got bent over. You can also see a worker packaging manure for sale. I have orders for bags of manure worth N40,000 that I need to supply.

Out of catastrophe, you can win a trophy. Out of disaster, you can become a star.

There is hope. Don’t give up.

God bless you.

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