A lot of what we, so-called motivational and prosperity preachers, declare on people every new year and every new month, are based on too much assumed faith. Faith must be manifested by actions. Faith without works has rigor mortis. Because faith is kept alive by action, it must be preceded by the knowledge and decision of what to do.

When some fellows dug through the roof of another man’s house to evade the big crowd in front of the house where Jesus was, He noticed their faith and called it great faith.

The mind is the residence of faith and the generator of thoughts and action. The knowledge of what to do, how to do it, where to do it, with whom to do it, and even when to do it, are essential additives to faith, if not, it is just zeal without knowledge. Zeal, without knowledge and reckless religious adventurism, is responsible for the poverty and the underdevelopment in very religious communities and countries, including the ultra orthodox Jews in Israel.

Perspective is the art of two-dimensional representation of height, width, and length. Destiny is a vector quantity and is represented in your mind in a two-dimensional form.

When two lines are viewed over a long distance, they seem to fuse at a point called the vanishing point. In my mind, the vanishing point is my objective and aspirations. The two parallel lines are the contrasting issues—one line representing my challenges, the sacrifices I need to make, the actions I need to take and the other line is the joy I derive I doing what am doing.

I force myself to really enjoy every bit of effort I put in to reach the vanishing point or objective. I see the vanishing point from very far off. I reach it in my mind and enjoy the euphoria before I get there, even if those around me can’t see it, feel it, or understand it.

That’s the fuel that keeps me going.

Visualizing and enjoying the victory, while fighting the battle—this is the first and most important step in faith.

Faith is acting based on the conviction of the imagery of a believed future and celebrating it as you act, even when it is just a two-dimensional representation and not yet tangible in 3D.

God bless you.


  1. Faith gives passion to do works. Thank you for teaching me a bit more of the description of Zeal, I read the bible verse about how overzealousness is a waste and now I comprehend it more. I enjoy having faith and doing good deeds satisfies the passion the faith creates. I enjoyed your post, have a good night friend.

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