On one of my birthdays I was at Hotel Terminus, Aba, with my wife to eat a Nigerian delicacy called Isiewu. It’s prepared from goat head.

Coincidentally, my pastor friend was lodged in the same hotel.

After visiting him, I told my wife that we would be sleeping in hotels throughout Nigeria.

Ironically, someone paid for our meal that day.

I have stayed in this hotel dozens of times, paid for, including by my friend that was lodged there then.

I have also stayed in all types of hotel in several countries paid for by my hosts.

Lessons of Life

1. Know that you are a god.

Whatever Adam called the animals, Jehovah accepted.

Whatever you decree on Earth is confirmed in Heaven including negative things and thoughts.

What the children of Israel said concerning themselves in the wilderness came to pass.

You are your first prophet and approving authority of other prophecies.

Take yourself seriously.

2. Be a MAD prophet.

Find a purpose for your life

M: Be very very Motivated

You don’t need the approval of any body to dream big dreams.

When I made that declaration, my circumstances were very far from the reality of what is on ground today.

Don’t let your circumstances determine the circumference of your dreams and declaration. You will eventually become what you constantly think about and say about yourself. Take your declarations very seriously.

That’s how God created this beautiful world.

You can create beauty out of chaos.

A: Action! Action!! Action!!!

Act on what you have spoken from your heart.

Most times, it is the spirit of God in you that stirred you to speak out.

Make sure you take little steps every day towards what you have spoken out.

There is inertia; it won’t start immediately to manifest. Even when the manifestation starts, it comes less than the level you saw that inspired you.

A big soup takes time to cook.

There will be discouragement, but keep pushing forward in doing that thing you know you need to do, even if you don’t feel like.


D: Dare To Walk Alone

Dare to move away from places.

Don’t get too comfortable at a level or a location.

Dare to move away from some professions.

Your certificate is not a sentence.

Dare to move away from people; don’t get addicted to people.

Love people and be responsible, but don’t be yoked.

If folks have the opportunity, they will move away from you without informing you. Most times, they don’t even care.

Even your children will move away from you. That’s the way life is.

I’m addicted to only my wife, but when destiny calls I don’t wait for anyone.

I left the hotel this morning without my host because he was late. He had to come meet me at the bus terminal.

I left my daughter and my dear granddaughter because they were not ready when the appointed departure time was due. Next time, they were ready on time.

I don’t wait for people. It’s my life, and I am my Manager PLC.



God Bless You.


  1. The power of the spoken word cannot be over emphasized. In fact all of creation is a product of God’s word. The scriptures made it clear that the power of life and death resides inside the tongue. The Holy book also enjoin believers not to speak like the world do. Let the weak say ‘I am strong ‘ and let the poor say ‘I am rich ‘. In the book of Numbers 14:28b God said: …’as ye have spoken in mine ears,so will I do to you. The just shall live my faith. Hence, no matter how bleak and hopeless Nigeria,s future may seem due to poor and wicked leaders, we must continue to confess greatness for our nation as we have no other.

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