Dare To Step Into Your River Jordan

    Lessons of Life

    1.In the pursuit of self-fulfillment and actualization, dare to walk away from your parents, friends, colleagues and some things you have outgrown to pursue your dreams.

    2. The “Promised Land” does not only flow with milk and honey, there are also hostile occupants.

    Every promised Land has battles the Lord might not show you.

    Dare to confront these challenges; tell yourself that failure is not an option.

    The Eagle at Aba

    3. The best way to confirm your calling and conviction, is to return with “Goliath’s head”.

    Even Saul did not notice the person of David when he was playing music to heal his spells of oppression. David’s brothers doubted, and referenced the few sheep he left behind.

    But when he returned with the head of Goliath, he settled the debate.

    Leaving Aba to Ughelli was not easy but I always return testimonies and testimonials.

    Don’t let any person ever think he has seen your final copy.

    God Bless You.

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