On one of my recent posts on the “The Demolition of a Building Within the Nigerian High Commission—A Sign That The Giant is Gravely Sick“, I had this conversation with a young man on the issue of breaking up Nigeria as a solution to our problems.

    My response:

    The solution to the Nigerian situation is not by breaking up Nigeria.

    Until we define our values as individuals, and then replicate it from our homes, communities, local government areas, states, and even businesses and religious organisations, Nigeria cannot change.

    I have lived in several parts of Southern Nigeria, including my 15 years at Aba, Abia State, as a private medical practitioner. Nigerians are virtually the same.

    Look at the political crisis in Edo State; there is one in Ondo State; another brewing in Rivers State, and even Ekiti state.

    If you make every village a country, there will still be corruption, oppression, and criminality.

    Those who are accused of stealing state monies in the west, east, north, and south are still the type of people that will rule in Biafra, Oduduwa Republic, Arewa Republic, or any country you form out of Nigeria.


    Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind.

    It is a change of mindset, and redefinition of our values, that can change Nigeria.


    How then can the change of mindset and redefinition of our values begin? Nations have clear-cut visions of where they are going and what they want to do. For the few years I have lived in Nigeria, I can’t find such vision; we are just existing as a people; there’s nothing inspiring. The so-called leaders do nothing to inspire the younger generation. In my opinion, starting a new Nation with similar cultural attributes, like that of Biafra, will help in transforming our minds and redefining our values, especially that of the younger generation.

    Let me not forget, I used to be a consistent listener of your program on Quest FM in Ughelli before I relocated to Uyo on National Service. It has greatly inspired me; I truly appreciate. But, of course, we can’t get Quest FM frequency, down here.

    My response:

    Thanks sir. You will agree with me that my radio program was totally different from most of the other programs on radio. That is one of the ways to create a new mindset.

    Those who want change in this country must deliberately start to speak up and act differently from the evil men and women that currently rule us.

    I sent this post to the Deputy Senate President, and to my representative in the House of Representatives. I got a prompt response from Hon. Rev. Francis Waive that he was going to move a motion on the floor of the House to summon the Ghanaian High Commissioner to Nigeria.

    We must engage our politicians.

    We must be models they listen to and respect.

    Each of us must see ourselves as agents of that change by our daily lives, and deliberately set out to influence people positively. If we light our little candles in the darkness around us, then there will be light everywhere.

    The man who carries ballot box or falsifies electoral results, the pastor whose school does examination malpractice, the teacher who allowed 500 Million Naira from yahoo yahoo to be paid into her account by her 24-year-old son from Malaysia, the lawyer and the banker that withdrew the money to avoid the ICPC are not in Government. They are our church members.

    The change starts with us.

    Take action where you are; be the change agent.

    That’s how enduring change comes.

    Revolutions only raise a different set of oppressors—China, Cuba, USSR, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, and even South Africa are very good examples.

    God Bless You.


    1. I am an ardent and enthusiastic fan, listener and apostle of dr. Charles Apoki and his reformatory crusade. It is true that dividing the country will not produce the desired results, but new sets of oppressors, only right values and mindsets with clear cut ideologies shall take us to our promise land.

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