Have you heard of the spirit of the python in the Bible?

It is the spirit of the python that makes it easy to deceive and defraud Christians.

The greatest gift of the Holy Spirit is the gift of discernment.

A Christian must not only listen to facts, but seek for truth. Truth comes from the knowledge of the spirit behind an action, data, or incident. Even if a Preacher says a fact, that is scriptural, question the spirit behind it. Is it to enslave you, stifle your intellect, or to get your money? Even if a Preacher says something as a prophet, and it comes true, question the spirit. Even if he/she leads you to Christ like that girl in Acts 16:16, question that spirit. Even if he/ she seems to be supportive of the church, question that spirit. If it was today’s church, that girl would have been a foundation evangelist of the church. She would have been a very popular guest speaker and fundraiser for the ministry. She would even have married one of the preachers.

The average church folk is begging to be loved by somebody famous, powerful, wealthy, talented, or in power, without checking their intent and spirit. Sometimes, there so much timidity, naivety, and inferiority complex that they beg to love any powerful person or rich folk. They get too excited without discerning the purpose of that person. That’s why politicians easily use church leaders, particularly Pentecostal and episcopal Christians.

The average church folk is taught to believe anything associated with the name of Jesus, without questioning. They killed those who said the earth was round, rotated, and revolved round the sun.

Stupidity and mental docility, sometimes, become very infectious through the herd effect in a religious organisation. How can you explain why professors of medicine took Holy Communion from ignorant priests, from one cup, even with outbreaks of tuberculosis, oral herpes, oral sex, and HIV/AIDS, until somebody questioned it, and introduced individual cups for Holy Communion?

The day you dare to question the spirit of any preacher, they will quote, “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophet no harm”, as if they are Joseph in the Bible.

How come, nowadays, every preacher’s wife is a preacher, and every prophet’s wife is a prophetess? Every husband of a preacher is a pastor or bishop. Is it now sexually transmitted? Is it no longer by calling?

How can a discernible racist, a serial liar, multiple divorcee, a pussy-grabber, and a customer of porn stars suddenly become a defender of the church in America? How can a man with a foul tongue, who makes mockery of a handicapped woman, and calls people names suddenly become a defender of the faith? Whoever advised Trump to take pictures with the Bible in front of that church and stand near the image of Pope John Paul has that spirit, because he/she knows regular church folks will be easily swayed by that.

Fraudsters in Nigeria target Christian WhatsApp groups, pastor’s numbers, and Facebook pages to dupe their members and associates, because they know they will not sit down to reason once they see the name of a pastor or respected Christian. How come you don’t ask yourself how somebody can make 300,000 Naira in one hour in Nigeria?

Most of the Ponzi schemes in Nigeria had pastors and church folks as the major investors and, as you can imagine, the greatest losers. It’s something I have observed from the late 1980s till date. Pastors are usually the earliest marketers of products that heal one thousand and one illnesses. They believe any and everything, and have faith in any and every person that mentions the name of Jesus.

I’m most amused in long intercity or state passenger buses in Nigeria. One strange fellow will usually board the bus somewhere outside the bus terminal and ask the people to join him/her to pray for journey mercies. He will then lead them in church choruses, and because people are afraid of dying from accidents, armed robbery, or kidnapping, they will sing along. Then he will pray and then ask them to say a thunderous amen. Then he will clear his throat and introduce himself as a herbal doctor from one research laboratory. Then he will quote some scripture from the Book of Revelation about eating from the tree by the river that will heal believers.

Then he will start advertising his drugs, other preparations, and ingredients that cure all kinds of diseases to scaring witches and evil spirits. Within an hour or two, he would have sold up to 30 Thousand Naira and then get out of the bus somewhere. The most annoying part is the vulgar sexually explicit language he will use to advertise his products. The irony is that the ladies who shouted the loudest amen will laugh foolishly at such obscenity and vulgarity. He had just used the name of Jesus Christ to do business. The spirit behind the singing and prayer is like hypnosis.

Another thing you will notice is one person who will come with a Bible, board a bus, preach, and pray, and even make an altar call. Then he will ask for an offering or pass envelopes around. That’s advanced-level begging in the name of Jesus Christ. You must discern the spirit behind the act.

I don’t dispute the fact that there are very genuine preachers in buses. Many of them don’t even ask for offerings or accept offerings.

I also found out Christians find it very delicious to consume several conspiracy theories, hook, line, and sinker, once it’s from a pastor. They won’t do any independent research or do a historical analysis. Once the conspiracy theory involves the coming rapture, new world order, or Antichrist, then you have added an icing to the cake.

The greatest need of the church today is the gift of discernment.

Satan can fake miracles, prophecy, and even support evangelism and lead people to Christ. But the spirit behind these activities is not godly.

One of the easiest test as a mature Christian is if the activity brings peace and godly joy to your heart. Does it glorify Jesus or glorifies a man? Does it show love or strife? Does it taste Christ-like? I did not mention if it conforms to Scriptures. Scriptures are the major instrument of deception, especially for people who do not have a personal relationship with God. When you see too much music, excitement, shouting, and drama, please be careful.

The problem with the church today is the spirit of discernment for appropriateness and decency. The criticism and humiliation the leadership of the Church and the Body of Christ has gone through is as a result of a massive infiltration of the Body of Christ with the Spirit of the Python. Making money for the organisation, like that girl did for her masters, is the greatest aim. The desire for fame, reputation, and popularity to attract more patronage is part of the spirit of the Python.

Remember, such girls are usually virgins in early times. Do not be deceived by appearances of piety. I have driven several of them from my office. Don’t be deceived. Question every spirit.

I shall next write on The Spirit of the Gibeonites.

The difference between magic and realty is revealed by discernment and scrutiny. The difference between demonic spectacular activities and real miracles is the spirit behind the performance and the purpose of the performance.

If care is not taken even the elect can be deceived.

Something can be real, but not godly. Results and evidence do not authenticate all the time, but the discernment of the functional spirit.

A person is not defined by his/her activities and actions, but the spirit behind his/her actions.

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