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The Darkness of The Nigerian Educational Sector

By Charles Awuzie

It is heartbreaking to look back at where you are coming from and see such darkness.

This is how I studied Biochemistry in Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria.

This is how you studied Engineering in your own Nigerian University.

This is the reality of university education in Nigeria.

This is why the rest of the world despise Nigerian University Education.

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This is why I know hundreds of Nigerian university graduates who can’t even spell their surnames correctly.


Please don’t remind me of the few Nigerians making huge waves in their careers around the world; don’t use their successes to pamper our national mediocrity.

How can you study in such an environment and be proud of your degree?

This is why I encourage today’s Nigerian students and graduates to find a way to enroll in a foreign university and get properly educated?

Nigeria is a huge pain in my heart.

The day your eyes open to how things work elsewhere, Nigeria will break your heart more than any ex ever did.

Sometimes, I criticize people like Sowore and Nnamdi Kanu; but some other times, I just tell myself that these men are permanent residents of functional systems, and like myself and thousands of other Nigerians outside the borders of Nigeria, it is heartbreaking to look back at where you are coming from and see such darkness.



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