By Marcus Ekure

Dr. Apoki: Oh, Marcus, you are here?

Marcus: Yes Daddy. I haven’t seen you for a week, hence, I decided to come check on you while refilling my wisdom bank.

Dr. Apoki: Do you mind if we take a walk, Son?

Marcus: Why not! I don’t mind.

Hence, we drove off to our usual reasoning place, somewhere in Effurun-Otor Kingdom.

Dr. Apoki: So how was your day, Son?

Me: Fine, just that so many thoughts are running through my mind. Thoughts of the multiplicity of societal challenges and how to surmount them. There are lots of conflicting shadows in my mind and I don’t know how to resolve them!

Dr Apoki: You see, Son, don’t base your Happiness on the following P’s:

  1. People

Why? Because they come and go (even including your wife and your children).

  1. Position

It is temporary! When you are there (in an enviable position), everybody would flock around you; but when you are no longer occupying it, you are deserted, if not forgotten!

In fact, those friends who are independent that you might not even like their advice, I mean the ones who don’t always flock around you for what they would gain from you, are the ones who are genuinely interested in your progress. But you might not know until you lose that success or position that attracts people to you. When others have deserted you, they turn out to be the most trustworthy and reliable fellows.

  1. Possessions

They can be outdated; they can lose value; disasters can wash them away.

  1. Prolonged stay on earth

It is not important to even stay too long on this earth. What matters is how fast you are able to fill your dash (complete your purpose) in life. That is why Martin Luther King (Jr.) said that “life is not measured by duration, but in donation”.

Concentrate on actualizing your purpose on earth as fast as you can and go be with God, your creator, for there lies true peace and tranquility from the tribulations and troubles of life and humans. Old age in Africa is like punishment!

Note: Even at a point where you are too rich and successful, you don’t know what to do with money any more.

Rather, base your happiness on the following P’s:

  1. Pursuit of purpose

The pursuit of your purpose should be your major source of happiness. Every step that brings you closer to the fulfillment of your purpose deserves celebration and excitement.

  1. Personal relationship with God

This should be ultimate, the most important in all. It is the most reliable and dependable source of happiness! Always keep your way right with God! Follow His commandments and be good to all men (both those who persecute you and those who genuinely love you).

Finally and summarily, your happiness should not be in any person’s pocket, body (including your own wife’s), or budget, but only in your purpose.

Marcus, you are a great man! Cherish your dream and vision! You are a blessing to this generation! Just keep doing the good works you are doing for humanity! You are on the right track, but you must avoid all sort of distractions at all cost!

Me: Thanks for you evergreen mentorship, Sir! You have been a blessing to my life.

God Bless You.


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