Law of Exemption—Stopping Recurring Negativity

In the continuing series on Law of Exemption and Exception, we look at some recurring challenges that plagued Abraham and his descendants. Text: Genesis 26:6-11 So Isaac stayed in Gerar. When the men of that place asked him about his wife, he said, “She is my sister,” because he was afraid to say, “She is my wife.” […]

Youth Participation In Delta State Politics: Issues, Challenges, And Suggestions

In the first post, we looked at the need for youth participation in politics. In this continuing post, we’ll be looking at the challenges facing youths in participating in politics and some suggestions. ISSUES IN DELTA STATE POLITICS  1. Delta State has several ethnic nationalities There are cases of the trans-generational viruses of tribalism transferred to […]

Youth Participation In Delta State Politics

Speaking, yesterday, at Wellington Hotel, in a one-day town hall meeting organized by the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Center LSD) in collaboration with Ford Foundation. A youth—by some authorities—is an individual who is 35 years and below. David Easton defined politics as “Authoritative allocation of resources”. Harold Laswell defines politics thus, “Politics […]

Law of Exemption—Separation

In the continuing series on Law of Exemption and Exception, we look at the exceptional life of Abram. Text: Genesis 13-15 Lessons of Life 1. Abram lived a life of obedience to God 2. He was physically and mentally separated from his people, who were idolatrous. 3. He rejected the gifts of the King of […]

Lessons From Feeding Kangaroos

Feeding kangaroos. It is an experience of a lifetime; something one must experience. A kick from this animal can kill an adult; their claws are as sharp as 2-inch nails. But with food in my hands their aggressive nature did not manifest. One particular thing I found out, during my visit to Adelaide, was that […]

The Deposit of God in You

Genesis 4:17b (MSG) says, “He then built a city and named it after his son, Enoch“. The previous verses show how God, Himself, cursed Cain. Despite that he was still able to build a city. How did he get capital? How did he get raw materials? There was an inherent ability in him that was […]

The Future Starts Now

Speaking to Members of A Cooperative Society. Lessons of Life 1. Start planning for old age when you are young because the future starts now. I decided how I would live in old age while I was still in medical school. I decided that I would stop medical practice when I got to age 40. […]