1. In the Facebook video, my visitor was surprised at the ease with which I picked his call, and he had free access to me.

If we, who are older, more experienced, and privileged, do not make ourselves, knowledge, networks, failures, and hopes available to our children, they will be led astray by the exploiters of Africa, both local and foreign.

2. If we don’t invest in our young people, there will be no good harvest to expect from them.

3. I do not run after my generation.

For 30 years now, I have always run ahead of them to invest in young people—the future. They are my technical experts, my advisers, and partners. They are IT savvy, energetic, and adventurous.

They have also turned out to be my ambassadors in several nations of the world.

4. My last child, Ese Apoki, rightly said, that African parents don’t entrust things to their children (and I will add youths) early enough.

They run with the baton until they collapse or drop dead. Then they confuse the next generation, who do not know whether to pick the baton and run competitively with other races, or resurrect their fathers, mothers, or leaders.

Africa is ruled by ancestors and ancestor worship. Many of those were worship are political, economic, religious, and intellectual ancestors.

We need fresh ideas.

5. The old-time religious activities we adopted from outsiders must be revisited.

How come the places and people where Islam and Christianity came from are developing, but we in Africa are hungry, always at war, sick and poor?

We must read our Bible and the Koran with our eyes and minds open.

I see a greater Africa.

It’s in her People.

God Bless You.

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