In previous posts on Cascading, we discussed Making The Years Cascade Into Each Other and The Principle Of Accumulation And The Cascading Years.

    In recent times, I am finding out that one opportunity to serve or perform a duty can cascade into other opportunities to serve on other occasions and at higher levels.

    Every role you will play this year must be taken very seriously because there is no second chance to make a first impression. Somebody, somewhere is watching you and he/ she knows someone else who might need your services.

    Joseph interpreted the dream of a fellow prisoner from the palace who subsequently introduced him to the king, and he subsequently became the Prime Minister of Egypt at age 30.

    In my post on A Visit to Igbide—A Peep Into The Future, it was Venerable Igri, who I met years back, that introduced me to General Ufuoma Omu (Ret.).

    On Wednesday, last week, I was with Cecilia Ibru, the President and co-founder of Michael and Cecelia Ibru University, Agbarah-Otor, to speak on Dangers of Cultism. I was introduced to the University by a listener to my radio program every Wednesday on Quest FM, 93.1. When I finished speaking, I got invitations to speak in two other churches in Benin City and Lagos.

    I was invited to speak in a series of Church of God Mission International (CGMI) Youth Programs by my brother, Harvey Onephronjire at Calabar. He had heard me speak at Ughelli some years back. From there, he also introduced me to the senior pastor of Church of God Mission International, Aba Road. I was billed to speak twice in two meetings, but I ended up speaking in six meetings. That’s how I met Dr. Dakuku Peterside, Director General, NIMASA (Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency) and we had a great time together.

    With Dr. Dakuku Peterside Director, Peter Ben-Cookey, and Paul Cookey @ Knowledge Development Centre, Port Harcourt.

    My prayer for you this year is that you will not serve casually. You will see every duty as an opportunity that will cascade into other opportunities.

    My prayer is that your service will bring more commendation, recommendation, and recognition.

    My prayer for you is that you will be on platforms that will connect you beyond the boundaries of your tribe, city, race, and denomination.

    I will be speaking to a cooperative society of a major Federal Government parastatal in February through the link of one of my listeners.

    It will surprise you to know that this blog is read by people from over 100 countries from all the continents of the world as at the time of writing this.

    Remember, it takes time though to build these linkages and diligence to stand before kings.

    God Bless You.

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