Text: Matthew 20:26-28

    In the system of the world, especially among the primitively ungodly, greatness could be attained by:

    • Suppression of others
    • Stealing
    • Undue show of strength
    • Strings pulled on existing connections, just like the mother of the two disciples did.

    However, in God’s Kingdom, greatness is achieved and displayed through service.

    Definition of service:

    Service is a word you might have constantly been barraged with. to many people it could have different meanings.

    Service is ‘worthship’ of God—that is, converting the inner value you have for God to outward actions in His Kingdom.

    Dr. Devi Shetty of Bangalore rightly re-quoted Mother Teresa that “serving hands are better than praying lips“, and I might add that, “serving hands are of more value than mere singing lips“.


    Service also entails adding value to humanity—making a deliberate effort at leaving people better than you met them.

    From the cleaner, through to the receptionist, to the CEO, if we leave people better than when they met us, then we are adding value to their lives. That is the difference between service and a job. Joseph, when he in Potiphar’s house and the prison, added value to the people he met. Jacob added value to Laban’s flock.

    In an economic meltdown like what we are experiencing in Nigeria, only businesses that add value will survive. Only workers that add value will remain in their places of duty.

    Service is different from duty. Duty is, usually, by compulsion, but service naturally stems from passion.

    Service involves helping people do what they cannot do, so that they can do better what they can do.

    Service is adding value to your environment and the world.

    One of the first services Jehovah gave to humanity is environmental protection. That’s why dirtiness, sin, poverty, criminality and backwardness dwell together.

    On September 5th, 2005 Barack Obama was helping Bill Clinton carry his jacket while Bill was campaigning for some stuff. In 2007, Bill came to campaign for Obama and Obama became first black President of the United states.


    Most Africans, from preachers, to parents, to presidents, and even school prefects like to be worshiped and served just like the Minister of Interior having his shoes polished by a sycophantic SSS officer in public.

    Very few African leaders serve; rather, they steal and seize the common wealth of the people. It’s called Elite Capture in sociology or the Iron Law of the Oligarchy.

    My generation, including me, has failed Nigerians woefully.

    I plead with the next generation to develop the mindset of service.

    Start today to serve and cultivate the mind of service.

    God bless you in the name of the greatest servant, Jesus Christ.

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