The Real Restructuring

I am all for restructuring the present political structure in present-day Nigeria. Truth Be Told 1. One of the things we should be doing now is the reconfiguration of the […]

Becoming Your Own Prophet

On one of my birthdays I was at Hotel Terminus, Aba, with my wife to eat a Nigerian delicacy called Isiewu. It’s prepared from goat head. Coincidentally, my pastor friend […]

Defining Grace and Generational Productivity

At 12 years of age, Jesus displayed an unusual grace for intellectual productivity in the Sanhedrin. Why is it that several Africans are not meeting generational expectations and productivity? 1. […]

Dare To Step Into Your River Jordan

Lessons of Life 1.In the pursuit of self-fulfillment and actualization, dare to walk away from your parents, friends, colleagues and some things you have outgrown to pursue your dreams. 2. […]

Hustle Your Hustle

Most of what you see around you are not exactly as they seem. Things are not always “solid” the way they seem. If you look closely, there is always some […]

Four Things You Must Never Do

There are four Bs you should not drive your life with. 1. Don’t depend on another person’s BUDGET to drive your life. 2. Don’t depend on another person’s BODY for […]

Predictable Unpredictability

Learn to take your life like a company and an investment. Don’t let anyone hold you to ransom. Don’t let anybody think they have cornered you into their pockets. Let […]

Why Most Ideas Never See The Sun

By¬†Charles Awuzie Most ideas never see the sun because they want the project to be perfect before they launch. I used to be like that . . . . And […]